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I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped. Simply give me a call at (281) 766-7290, and I'll be happy to connect you with them.

Diane, M.

imageI have known Darryl for a little over a year, and could not be more grateful for his influence on my journey. Most days when I wanted to give up he was there to motivate me not only by tweaking my program but also as a friend. His overall health and fitness knowledge helped me reach an entirely new level of fitness and he always gets me to perform at maximum potential. He's the very best trainer and motivator and I highly recommend him to anyone serious about his or her fitness and health. Thank you so much!!!






Krystal, T.


I began my final weight loss journey September 1, 2015. I started at 200.6 lbs with PCOS and thyroid disease. Through portion size and high protein/low carb eating, I was able to shed 70+ lbs. About 6 months into the journey I began working out and I needed some inspiration and guidance. I had lost a lot of muscle along with fat and my endurance was terrible. I had met Coach Darryl during my journey and when I was lost on what to do, he stepped in and gave me some amazing workouts to build endurance and muscle along with demonstrating the movements for me. When I got down on myself he was always there to straight talk some sense into me and push me back in the direction I needed to go. This type of coaching is rare and invaluable. Coach Darryl lives what he teaches day in and day out and has set an incredible example for his clients to follow. I truly owe a lot of my knowledge and my results to being coached by him. I now sit at 127.5 lbs and I'm loving being lean, gaining muscle mass monthly and being the fit girl I've always known was hiding inside me. Thank you, Coach Darryl, for stepping up and pushing me.

Diane P.

I have been working with Darryl for 4 months, and am amazed at how many inches I have lost My friends and family are stunned! He truly believes and lives good nutrition (real food and no gimmicks), cardiovascular health, and acknowledging the mental and emotional drivers behind weight gain. I work full time, have amazing grandchildren, and very supportive husband and family and have never felt healthier! He is my coach and friend for life.